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The Sanctuary

5110 Race St. Denver, CO 80216



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  • wescrusher80

    wescrusher80 | 1 Review

    | Fri, June 7, 2013

    If you know nothing about quality bud, shop here.
    * They use a machine to trim. Machines leave a film of oil on their bud, and you are left with lube filled trim. This nasty trim is Still used by strainwise to make hash and concentrates, ending up with a black tar product.
    * They knowingly sell to drug dealers with their $100 pre-packaged skank weed sales they do a couple times a month on average.
    * The husband and wife co-owners of the now 8 locations went from trying to get rich through real estate, to figuring out how to scoop up every struggling dispensary to add to their chain. They DO NOT USE MMJ, and care nothing about the herb and all its benefits. They are only interested in the kind of green that folds.

  • 1243

    1243 | 3 Reviews

    | Fri, August 17, 2012

    Strainwise = always legit. This is the flagship store (they have 5 or 6 locations) so definitely worth the trip because this is where the bud seems to end up first.